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Track 8 - Broken Memory
When The Days Come... The Days Fall...
Why Does Sadness... Come Only for Me...
To My Soul... Your The Cure...
I Try to be There...
But I'm Nothing to You...
Failing to please you, is a punishment for me.
In The Out Come, I'm Still Nothing.
I'm Falling into Nothing
Follow Me, If I'm Something
Forgeting Me, Even Though, I Helped You in Your Time of Need
I'm Just a Broken Memory, See If They Care
I'm Still Nothing
Nothing at All...
Lacking Entertainment...
I Shouldn't be Alive...
After They Leave You...
I Would Be There for You...
Triping in Darkness, The Key to Life Fell
Am I Nothing or Will You Laugh With Me
I Fail at Life...
But You Are My Cure...
Smile For Me...
Let it be The Last Thing I see...
After All This, You Still Forget Me
I Don't Want to End up Nothing
Please Smile, Don't Let me, Become a Broken Memory
I Don't Want to End Up Nothing...
Please Smile... Don't Let me...
Become a Broken Memory
:iconguyvergodusa:guyvergodUSA 1 73
LIGHT DYNASTY PAIN COVER Maybe by guyvergodUSA LIGHT DYNASTY PAIN COVER Maybe :iconguyvergodusa:guyvergodUSA 1 11 Hello by guyvergodUSA Hello :iconguyvergodusa:guyvergodUSA 1 0 Goes to Yahoo Looks up Google by guyvergodUSA Goes to Yahoo Looks up Google :iconguyvergodusa:guyvergodUSA 0 2
Leon the Werewolf School pt 2
Leon: Grrr....
Lizzy: Heh...
Leon and Lizzy jump at each other with their fist out. Both of them hit each other's face.
Leon: Oof
Lizzy: Not bad. *Jumps away*
Ultima: *Looks at Alexander* Hey, who's idea was it to make this class any ways?
Alex: ..... I'm not sure.
Ultima: I mean, some one can get hurt.
Penny: I know... I just Leon knows what he's dealing with.
Ultima: What do you mean?
Penny: That's Lizzy the Hedgehog, the strongest girl you might even find in strength.
Ultima: .... How strong?
Penny: Let's just say she never lost in this class.
Alex: Every person she fights is a guy, so that's really good.
Ultima: Gees... I wonder who trained her...
Lizzy: *Runs at Leon*
Leon: *Gets on all fours and tackels Lizzy*
Marnako: *Looks at Leon* Hmmm.....
Lizzy: *Punches Leon off*
Leon: *Backs up*
Marnako: Heh... *Looks away*
Leon: *See's Marnako* Uh...
Lizzy: *Punches Leon down* Hey! Get your head in the game!
Leon: *Looks at Lizzy* So be it. *Kicks Lizzy away* You want to play the game- *
:iconguyvergodusa:guyvergodUSA 2 16
Project True Darkness Trailer
Project- True Darkness
J.E.S: Even after battles, everyone in this cold world... wants more power. It's as if, we are only made to fight. If this is not true, then... What is the meaning of Light and Darkness?
Year 1997...
J.E.S: :3
Mother: Jesse, this is his 1st Birthday on this Earth.
Chay: *Hugs Jesse* X3
J.E.S: *Tilts head*
-Family turns to darkness in Jesse's eyes-
J.E.S: *Starts crying*
Mother: Chay, get off him!
Chay: *Stops hugging Jesse*
Year 2005...
J.E.S: *Holding teddy bear* .... *Swings on a swing in the park*
???: Well, he's here again.
J.E.S: *Looks up*
???: Jess... What did Alex tell you? This park, this place is not ment for you.
J.E.S: I know what he told me...
???: ... *Grabs Teddy Bear*
J.E.S: HEY! Give him back!
???: Or what?
???: Now, if your going to take the Teddy Bear, don't make him suffer like that.
J.E.S: Uh... A-Alex...
Alex: *Takes Teddy Bear* Heh... *Rips Bear in two*
J.E.S: *Mouth drops*
Alex: That's how you make someone who's not welcome SUFFER. *Walks
:iconguyvergodusa:guyvergodUSA 1 26
PokeMorphers Terra Chapter
PokeMorphers: Terra's Story So Far
Terra: *Siting under a tree, holding a gun* .... So many things have happened in the past years... I'm alone now. No hope of living...
-2 Years Ago-
Terra: Rikku? Is everything alright?
Rikku: Terra... there is something I wanted to tell you. For a long time now. *Looks away blushing*
Terra: Uh, yeah? C'mon, I dont got time for this.
Rikku: Listen, I loved you for a long time. *Looks up at him*
Terra: .... W-What?!
Rikku: It's true... I tried to tell you, but-
Terra: *Gets in her face* HOW DARE YOU! WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT?!
Rikku: .....
Terra: *Pushes her* Grrr.... You know more then anyone that I dont want to be loved!
-2 Years Later-
Terra: Now... I dont know what to do. After the battle with Phoenix... Any day now, I might become him. *Puts Gun away* I'm just some animal that dosen't need to be alive right now. With Rikku and Ven away from me... I guess it's time... For a new start in this world. *Walks away* Phoenix... where ever you are. Your min
:iconguyvergodusa:guyvergodUSA 2 9
LtW Necross Trailer
Leon: That's weird....
Lizzy: What is it?
Leon: I was thinking... we had a fight with Secret and Mephiles... Why were they working with each other?
Lizzy: Beats me.
Leon: They also said something about Necross....
Electro: ! Necross? Wasn't he that God of Death?
Leon: I dont even know what your talking about.
Electro: The God of Death, Necross. He wants to destroy all humans and living things.
Lizzy: That must be it, Secret and Meph want this God of Death.... Where is it?
Electro: .... I dont know.
Leon: Wonderful.
Leon the Werewolf: Necross
Mephiles: We need to free Necross, Secret!
Secret: *Drinking tea* Calm down, he's not going any where.
Mephiles: Rrrr.... Hurry up!
???: So, who is this Necross you speck of?
Secret: *Drops tea* F-father?!
Leon: So we were right, they want to free Necross... then we are going to need a bigger team, just for this fight.
Ultima: A big- Look, Leon, let's not wait for them to free them, let's just fight them now!
Sidd: We already did that...
:iconguyvergodusa:guyvergodUSA 2 34
LtW Frow is Happening
Leon the Werewolf: Frow is Happening
Frow: *Walking in the middle of know where* After all my work... After all these things I've done... I have no more power.
???: *Appears in front of Frow* That's because you have no heart, no soul, nothing.
Frow: Gaia... You appear to me as if you were human.
Gaia: It is so, my body is the planet which you stand on, what makes me less from human?
Frow: Heh... you have no mind. You may have a heart, but the mind... Not so much.
Gaia: You have neither. I made you as if you were a demon. But your not even that. You are an Unborn.
Frow: One would think with the name "Unborn", I wouldn't be born. But I was born from the Blood Stream. Thus, I am born.
Gaia: Wrong, you are only thought of. My blood is getting rid of darkness in me, and it came out to be you. Darkness is not born, nor is light the same, they are both thoughts of the heart. I dont need a mind, just a heart.
Frow: Heh, and the Slaves of Gaia thinks for you.
Gaia: If you want to destroy me, th
:iconguyvergodusa:guyvergodUSA 2 79
Leon the Werewolf School pt 1
Leon: .... *Sleeping*
???: *Walks in Leon's room* ....
Leon: ......
???: LEON!!
Leon: *Wakes up* NO!
???: ^.^
Leon: ... Oh, father. *Gets out of bed*
Leo: It's your first day of school. Get ready and meet me down stairs. *Walks away*
Leon: .... All because I dont have much in friends, my father sends me to some kind of school.
-Flash Back-
Leo: Leon, why dont you go hang out with your friends?
Leon: *Playing Mario Kart* Because I dont have any friends.
Leo: Why not?
Leon: Because it's- OH! Sorry, I got hit by a-
Leo: LEON! I'm sending you to Gaia.
Leon: *Stops game* What?
Leo: A school. You stay there for a few years.
Leon: T.T W-why?!
-End of Flash Back-
Leon: A few years at some school... *Sigh* Well, best get ready.
Leon the Werewolf: School
Chapter 1: First Day...
Leon: .> OK! Here we are.
Leon: *Gets out of car and walks in front of a huge school* 0.o W-what the?!
Leo: *Drives away*
Leon: *Turns to car* WAIT!! T.T I already hate it... *Walks in side the school* Best to find my roo
:iconguyvergodusa:guyvergodUSA 1 41
Shattered Moon Trailer
???: So this is how my world ends... Dark, Hopeless, and Dead. I guess the last three are our last hope.
Snow: I can see it now, the other worlds that calls out to us. I got to save them!
Flare: You mean "We" got to save them.
Snow: Right, you, me and Vice.
Vice: Other worlds... Hahahahaah!
Snow: It this is another world, why is it clear? Nothing could go wrong here.
Sonic: Heheheh, that's because nothing bad ever happens. If there is something wrong, I fix it.
Flare: Even the Elemental-Demons?
Tails: The what?
Death Adder: This is my world, and you are not ment for it!
Vice: ... Well then. *A dragon comes out of the ground* Let's just see what made this world your's!
Snow: I dont understand... I can swim and talk to fish? This is just weird!!
Ecco: Sorry, but I'm doing something.
Snow: Well... Let me help you! Maybe it might help me in the future!
Ecco: Really?! Thank you!
Axel: Stand back, the Streets of Rage is not ment for kids!
Snow: Wha?! I'm not kid! I can ta
:iconguyvergodusa:guyvergodUSA 1 90
Shattered Moon
Snow: I was... scared to go out that night. Being the only one left in my world, I was to scared to leave my house. So... my story will start now, along with the end of the monsters out side!
Shattered Moon
???: And you forgot?
Snow: It's been ten years... I'm asking for your help! Take me to other worlds so I cansave them!
???: Hmmm.... Alright then, I shall!
Sonic: Dont worry, I got everything under-
Snow: NO! You dont know what happens when they attack! They destroy everything!!
???: *Walks past Snow while glaring at him*
Snow: Who's that?
Sonic: Oh that? It's just my friend, Leon.
Snow: I'm to cold... I'm staying here!
Vice: If you say so, Snow.
Flare: *Turns to Snow with a mad face*
Snow: .....
Flare: *Walks to him*
Snow: *Looks back at her*
Flare: *Punches him to the ground* So that's it?! Your just going to give up?!
Snow: *Gets up slowly* No! I'm going to save everyone!
Flare: *Punches him to the ground again* Dont tell me about saving people when you already couldn't s
:iconguyvergodusa:guyvergodUSA 1 5
LtW - Secret Ending
-Inside the Planet-
Leon: ....
Gaia: Leon, I need you.
Leon: I'm only a thought now, what good could I bring?
Gaia: There's something I need to do.
Leon: What is it?
Gaia: The Unborns, they are still alive.
Leon: Like Frow?
Gaia: Yes. like Frow.
Leon: .... Ask someone else to do it.
Gaia: But... it's about Frow...
Leon: What about him?
Gaia: He's still alive.
Leon: W-what?!
Gaia: He has the power to take over the body of any Unborn that still stands. Because of that, he wont die unless every Unborn is dead.
Leon: ......
Gaia: So I wanted to make a deal with you, if you destroy the Unborns, all of them, I will let you back with all your friends.
Leon: ... I want my dream to come true. I want everything that's evil left behind me and everyone else!
Gaia: It's a deal then.
Leon: Right.
Leon the Werewolf: Unborn to the Finish
Coming Soon
:iconguyvergodusa:guyvergodUSA 2 31
J.E.S. Story
Jesse E. Sanchez aka J.E.S.
When the child was born, he was born in Florida, in a small town. Jesse seeked to have fun in every way, but his town was soon destroyed. He and his family fled to Utah, where Jesse grew up. Soon there after, at the age of 5, he found out that he had the powers of bending and creation.
J.E.S: 83 *Makes a TV* I want to watch it.
Mother: ..... How did you do that?
J.E.S: I thought of it! *Claps hands*
Mother: ^.^; Uh... Let's see, think of something else, real quick.
J.E.S: PUPPY!!! *Makes a first born puppy*
Mother: 0.0;
J.E.S: Hahaha! *Claps hands*
J.E.S. had a gift, but did not know how to use it. His family tried to keep it a secret as much as they could while teaching him at the same time.
Chay: Alright, make a rock and toss it over there. *Points*
J.E.S: OK! *Makes rock and uses powers to through is at a guy's head*
Random Guy: OW!
Chay: *Grabs J.E.S. and runs away*
J.E.S: Hahaha!
A few years later, J.E.S. is at the age of 8 and is much better at his pow
:iconguyvergodusa:guyvergodUSA 1 5
LtW Jenny
Leon the Werewolf - Jenny
Jenny: So, Leon, I had a great time today. And thanks again for taking me to the movies.
Leon: .... You took me and I didn't want to see a movie.
Jenny: ... But I still had a great time. Didn't you?
Leon: Not really.
Jenny: Eh? Well.... Let me ask you those questions I tried asking in the movie: Do you want to do this again some time?
Leon: No.
Jenny: ... Would you take me to dinner next time?
Leon: No.
Jenny: Do you like me alot?
Leon: No.
Jenny: Who is your best friend?!
Leon: Ultima.
Jenny: Who is your fav fighting friend?!
Leon: Sidd.
Jenny: Who is your second fav fighting friend?!
Leon: Electro.
Jenny: Who would you want to spend the rest of your life with?!
Leon: Nikki.
Jenny: ..... What about Lizzy, how do you feel about her?
Leon: A good friend, she spends alot of time out side of my team though.
Jenny: A-and Drac?!
Leon: ..... Good friend.
Jenny: Well I got to fit some where in your life, right?!
Leon: Jenny... Sometimes, I just wonder who you are.
:iconguyvergodusa:guyvergodUSA 1 11
Gold PlayStation 3 by guyvergodUSA Gold PlayStation 3 :iconguyvergodusa:guyvergodUSA 6 17

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Jesse E. Sanchez or J.E.S
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United States
The most powerful being ever, A GUYVER! G.U.Y.V.E.R, Got it memorized?
[:meow: <- That? A Guyver? Yeah right!]

Current Residence: Florida
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Print preference: LOOK! A puppy!
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite photographer: .....spider-man?
Favourite style of art: Anime and Manga
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Wallpaper of choice: Chocobo Farm
Skin of choice: My skin feels soft...BUT IT'S METAL!
Favourite cartoon character: Cloud
Personal Quote: I'm not asking you, I'm telling you, Who is on First Base
Let me first say, I'm only doing this because my other page has more views, pictures, and watches, heck, it even haves more Llamas! :llama: I made my other page for many reasons. One being the fact I wanted to be like a othe deviant who is very good at art. Another being the fact this account got hacked more thn once. The list goes on. This account will remain alive, but I will not go on it any more. I'm beating a dead horse here, it would be awesome to have two accounts with over 10,000 page views and over 30 watchers, but only my SilverCoin191 page has pulled that off. Many fan fics I posted on this page have died out very fast, but if I were to start a new fan fic, it would be on my other page. So, the only reasons I would come back is if I felt frogy or if my other page dies. See ya!~
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